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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Backyard-igans

This week over at Kelly's Korner, it's garages and outdoor spaces. I'm not too excited about showing the garage ;), but I am over excited about sharing our backyard with you.

Below are some pics of my favorite summer spot.... the "backyard". We love the view of the golf course behind our house. We back up to the 1st hole, but have a stream & a tree-line as a buffer.

We had an amazing pool constructed by a couple years ago so there's not much of a "backyard" left (at least not the "Backyardigans" green grassy kind.) There's enough yard to play Bocce Ball between the far-side of the pool and the little stream (or maybe a future swing-set for our little girls). The past year my husband has been working on the landscaping around the pool/retaining walls and some additional landscaping right behind the house. I can't wait until it all grows in to complete the look of the pool and the back of the house. Credit goes to my husband, who does all of the planting (and replanting to accommodate my many changes. HA!). He also built the deck and the paver patio. Arista did all three retaining walls (due to the steep back yard) and the pool... they did an awesome job with the perfect symmetry we were trying to accomplish.

Sorry about the dark pictures... the sun already set when I was snapping most of these pictures.

There are two smaller retaining walls on the "house-side" of the pool and one larger retaining wall on the opposite side of the pool (large wall is not pictured below). The pool construction company had to work with the steep backyard and narrow depth of yard and did an amazing job.
The pool has 3 "square" areas - a sun shelf, a spa and the stairs. The equal squares in between hold the lounge chairs and the table.

I didn't love the idea of a "monster" slide... BUT the girls and all of my nieces & nephews LOVE IT!

Pictured below is the paver patio that my hubby built. The patio is under the deck so it's shaded. It's a great place to sit during the hot summer.

Looking down the stairs at the two smaller retaining walls with planters:

I really like the steps that go down to the pool!! This may be my favorite part of the hardscaping work. It was done perfectly... and blended in with the EXISTING paver patio perfectly.

We have 3 pets- 2 cats (Snoop & Uno) and an Eastern Painted Turtle. We found the turtle in the pool last May when it was being summerized. It was a tiny, little baby and has grown into a thriving pet turtle. Sydney named him "Mr. Turtle" and then she changed it to "Mr. Robot Turtle". They feed and take care of him.. we keep his tank on the patio in the Summer and inside with a heat lamp Fall through Spring.

During the warmer months, the girls have lunch or do craft projects on this picnic table that sits on the patio:

"Stuff" my hubby has hanging behind his patio bar:

Our latest project:
A couple weeks ago we added some
Stepables (different types of little Thyme plants) by a stone pathway that goes to a side gate behind the house. The stones were given to us by my hubby's friend who works at a quarry. We need a few more stones to complete the walkway to the gate. It will look much better once the Thyme begins to grow & cover the ground/mulch.

Thank you for stopping by for a splash of our outdoor living!

In honor of Sydney's favorite Noggin Show:

"Now it's time to have a snack, see you next time when we're back..."  
The Backyardigans

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Happy July 4th!


Danielle said...

GORGEOUS...your pool, patio, everything is so pretty! Great job! :) :)

Heather said...

Um, your backyard is AWESOME!!! Are you out there all the time?? I love it!! Gorgeous and I love your landscaping!!

harmonysong said...

WOW!!!!! Amazing backyard!! LOOOVE it!!

Pam said...

It's beautiful! I could relax there for sure.

Bethany and 3sonsplus1 crew said...

Gorgeous yard!! LOVE the masonry and the pool area!!

Kim said...

Your backyard is beautiful......and so are those girls! Love your blog, cute title, too! Happy 4th!

Family American Style. said...

Your back yard is just wonderful. All that land. WOW!!! Very nice! Thank you for your kind compliments on my Yard post.

Janie's World said...

You have a very beautiful family! Your home is wonderful and looks like the girls are the main focus! I have three girls and they are all different, but the same in many ways. You have many happy little girl years ahead of you!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoyed it.

j u s t i m a g i n e said...

Hello....your girls are divine...your backyard is perfect...how lovely to have so much space...thanks for visiting my blog...so glad you found me....I'm off to visit more of your posts !

TriciaNae said...

Gorgeous!! Oh my goodness...I love it and want to move in!!

Maria said...

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing!!!

Shelly said...

Hi. I am contacting you from my blog, the tutu blog. I can certainly do a pale pink and a lilac. Just email me to work out the details. (tyler8704@yahoo.com)
PS - you family is beautiful!

Carri said...

Oh my gosh...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pool and yard! It is stunning! We are getting ready to tackle our pool/back porch/yard so I will definitely find inspiration through yours!

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