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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Older Cousins Rock!

During winter break, my three nieces, who live in Maryland, came over for a few days to hang out with their little cousins (and favorite Aunt & Uncle >>grin<< ). It was great to have guest in our house who JUMP at the chance to change Sophia's diapers. I didn't change a diaper for a full 2+ days!

Velia came over for one night to babysit the girls so Bob and I could go out to dinner & the movies! [We saw Slumdog Millionaire which was an awesome movie... best one that I've seen in a long time]. Velia came up another night from Maryland with her boyfriend to visit Grandmom and then came by for dinner. After dinner at Our Place Restaurant & Bar, we came back to the house and listened to them sing karaoke. Craig played his guitar and sang which was cool.

[I plan to post a video of the karaoke when I'm back from Florida next week. I haven't had time to download and edit video.]
Morgan (my sister Mary Beth's daughter) and Rose (my sister Esther's daughter) singing Karaoke. Rose is singing while holding Sydney! (I can barely hold Sydney anymore!)

Sophia the constructor...

school-time in PJ's
teachers - Rose & Morgan, students - Sydney & Sophia

Rose and Sydney

Out to dinner with my niece Velia (my sister Linda's daughter) and her boyfriend, Craig

Monday, January 19, 2009

N2O Candidate

NO, I'm not talking about Sydney. She is a dream dental patient....

ready to go and SMILING

she evens likes to floss or to be flossed....

and she treasured her new toothbrush all day

...then there's Sophia.... a trial run GONE BAD.
One day she will be begging for N2O just like her Mom, who is a big wuss. Here's to Dr. Sansone's best & worst patient of the day :-)
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