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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barnum & Bailey Circus

Last Thursday we went with Grandmom and Noah to the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey "Over the Top" Circus at the Philly Spectrum. It was my first time to the Circus. Bob remembers going when he was a kid. What an amazing show... I was so captivated and amazed by it all. We had front row seats, smack-center facing the show... not sure how this happened... It was perfect because the kids had a "bulkhead" to walk back & forth on during the show without bothering anyone around us. The Ringmaster tickled Sydney's belly at one point. There were lots of horses and elephants. I think Grandmom liked the horses (so did I!). Sydney liked the elephants. Noah liked the video feed that was directly above our heads. Bob and I thought the 7 motorcycles riding together in a sphere was insane. The clowns were entertaining for all.... Sydney, Sophia and Noah had no fear of the clowns... The pics we took aren't that great because it was dark and the flash on my camera is horrible... then the battery died. If the Circus ever comes back to Philly, I'm sure we'll go again. Rachel, my sister, took her kids on Saturday afternoon. I've yet to ask her how she liked it.

Sophia checking out the elephants

the gang

OUCH!!!! That hurts

Hanging with Cousin Noah

Mom's hair looks great in this pic!

Family picture in front of the Philly Spectrum

Radio Flyer

Sydney was trying to ride a scooter at Aunt Mary Beth and Uncle David's the other day at David's B-Day party.... so we decided to buy her a Toddler scooter. It was a reward for being potty trained (and she can barely reach the peddles on her tricycle). She is really good at riding the scooter... one of these days, i'll have to video her riding it.


... and she's off!

Potty Training

Sydney Angelina Ballerina is progressing rapidly with her potty training... we give her a little prize when she goes - a strawberry "malt" whopper (Aunt Rachel and I picked these up at the Hershey store in NYC) or we give her a M&M.... x3 if it's #2! She's having fun with it. First thing in the morning, we see her running down the hallway from her bedroom to the bathroom, diaperless and holding up her nightgown. It's been over a week since she's had wet a diaper.... I can't believe that she makes it through the night... She's not comfortable with doing #2 in the toilet, however she did tonight.. YEAH!!! It was a three-M&M night. I think she's on the home stretch!

Sunday's with Da-da and Ma-ma

With Bob collecting rent on weekends, it's not often we have a Saturday or Sunday together. When we do, we usually go out for breakfast. Two Sunday's ago, we went to the King of Prussia Mall. We had an early Brunch at the Cheesecake Factory, the girls played in PB-Kids store forever.. they did not want to leave, then we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a Mattress protector for Sydney's bed (we are now ready for Sydney's move to little girl panties!). The last thing we did that Sunday.... a quick stop in Michael's so I could get some last minute scrap supplies for my upcoming scrapbook retreat with Aunt Becky. Yes... I had a hidden agenda telling Bob we had to going to BBB, knowing that Michael's was next door to it :-). Bob is always a good sport... he puts up with me and takes great care of the girls.... He let me shop in Michael's while he went out to the car to change Sophia's diaper. I'm very lucky.


The other weekend while Sydney was napping, Sophia and I were in the playroom down in the basement.... she played on the chalkboard for a while... she was sooo cute. She is really starting to learn how to play by herself instead of being continually entertained by us.... check out the short video clip of our little chalker...

David's Party

It was David's 17th birthday! We drove down to North East, Maryland for the day. It was a great party. It was nice to see Susanna, Marylin and her two children... and the Birthday Boy of course! Sydney and Sophia had the best day ever... they played with their cousins all day outside. Sydney even pet a rabbit! They both road on Uncle Danny's 4-wheeler (Sophia screamed... Sydney loved it. Danny even taught her how to start it). Cousin Isabel (Danny's daughter) carried Sophia around the entire day.... they were so cute together (she will make a good babysitter some day). When it was time to go Sydney did not want to leave.

The Birthday Boy!

Sydney & Riley played in the sand box for a good hour.

Sydney & Riley on Uncle David's lawn mower Uncle Danny & Isabel rock!
Birthday Gang!

Isabel & Sophia

Aunt Mary Beth & Sydney with Floppy Ear Bunny

Uncle David helped them feed the friendly ducks some bread... Sophia ate her bread.

"Grandmom, Horses?" and Millie Kurtz

Sydney is always asking "Grand Mom?, horses?". I tell her, we will go one day when it's nice out... then every weekend it seems to rain. We finally stopped by a couple weeks ago on a Saturday. Millie was there visiting Mom & Dad for the week. Sydney and Sophia had their typical routine of playing with Grand Mom's teeth flossing picks which she keeps in a miniature chest on her coffee table... then they colored at the Dora table.... then they watched the birds out the window after Grand Pop loaded up the patio table with bird seed.... then they played with Grand Mom's spoon collection under the buffet. Sydney sat on Grand Pop's lap for a little bit and then she played with the doll-house in the upstairs guest room. Millie took them for a stroller ride to see the horses (Sydney would get upset when Maude would run up to the stroller... so Grand Pop carried her down to see the horses). It was a nice relaxing day for me... Thanks to Millie & Mom.... I forgot to mention, Grand Mom also made them lunch... it was the cutest lunch with different PB&J "shapes" - stars, triangles and circles, a big marshmallow in the center, surrounded by some grapes. Who knew Mom had a knack for plating food :-)

Millie, Sydney, Sophia and Maude

Whenever Millie is over for a visit she either takes the girls for a walk or reads them stories.

Kisses from Grandmom

Riding Tandum

Bob and I were thrilled when Sydney's tricycle arrived. Bob had it assembled that night.... we may have been a little premature because Sydney is having problems steering and peddling at the same time.... but that's why we have the push bar... but then it doesn't steer the handle bars so we usually end up off the sidewalk.

When her cousin Noah came over for a visit after the Elmo Live Show, he took Sydney for a ride. Thanks Noah!... better than me pushing them!
Noah showing Sophia how to ring the bell.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CORN on the BLOG

She may be petite... but she can devour some corn on the cob!

Anna Banana

Every few weekends we are lucky enough to have my niece Anna Banana over for a visit. She is a big help with the girls. The girls are very fond of their cousin! The like playing in the play kitchen and with the dolls & strollers. We usually have movie night with popcorn before bed...


In February we went to Cancun for vacation and Bentley's Winners Circle. We had the best time just relaxing by the pool and dinner out in the evening. We went to a few Bentley events... one was by bus & boat to an island party... it was pretty amazing. Sydney had the best time playing with Garrison King at the parties & in the pool each day. She hasn't stopped talking about him! He has replaced "Gunner" her friend from school.

Hotel swim-up bar.... "bartender, a pineapple juice please?"
Jerry & Garrison... Sydney's new BF (best friend that is, not boyfriend)
Sisters in Sand
Sweet kisses
Hanging with Daddy on the beach

All dressed up for dinner

Hot Tubbing

Pretty Baby

Now I lay me down to nap...

I went to check on Sophia the other day after I put her down for a nap.... she was so tired she didn't quite make it to her bed...

If you haven't been over for a visit lately, back in December when Sophia turned 1, we moved her to the "big girl bed" pictured above (it use to be Sydney's bed that she slept in since she was 10 months old)... For the first time in 2+ years, Bob and I have our bed back! Sophia LOVES her bed... climbs right in it at night and goes to sleep from 7:30pm - 6:30am.

Sydney is in a regular bed now in her new bedroom.... I'll have to take a better picture of her new bedroom. She graciously gave up her old bedroom to Sophia.... of course the TV with video player had nothing to do with getting her to move rooms...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Easter with Gma & Popie, Grandmom & Grandpop

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day with the Grandparents. GMa and Popie came over after church. The girls searched for eggs left by Easter Bunny Connie (our next door neighbor who always gives them the nicest gifts and treats.... she remebers them on every occassion... we really love Aunt Connie!). After the egg hunt, we met Aunt Becky, Grand Mom and Grand Pop at Hotel Fiesole in Skippack for brunch. We celebrated G-Ma's birthday and Grand Mom's 68th birthday which fell on Easter Sunday this year! There was a lot to celebrate and the food was good too!!! Aunt Becky and I will need to try dinner there some time soon!


Aunt BeckyPopie & Sydney

That's a big shrimp!

Grand Pop, Sydney and Grand Mom

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Introducing the B-Blog....

We are proud of our beautiful girls. They make each day a new and exciting adventure. This is a journal of their milestones, adventures and incidents and happy times shared with family and friends.
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