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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Horsing Around

A couple weeks ago, Grandmom arranged a "wash Sebastian" activity for the girls. Sebastian was a little riled up for reasons that I cannot mention (trying to keep my Mom out of hot-water). The skittish pony did not keep the girls from hosing & sponging him down. It was a good lesson in teamwork :). After trying to clean him, we rewarded him with ginger-snap cookies then we saddle him up. The girls enjoyed riding him. As soon as we let him lose in the field, he rolled in the mud!

Sydney washed Sebastian with a sponge
Grandmom held the lead rope
Mommy hosed him

and then Sophia squeegeed the excess water and toweled him off-

Sophia is very comfortable in a saddle... she has no fear even when she's bouncing all over the place-- I can't believe she is only two! The learn so much so fast.

Big ol' friendly, ginger-snap eating Rita:

Two new colts with their mamma's

My nephew Chase... butterfly's will stay on his nose for hours... weird!?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

1st Dance Recital

Sydney started taking dance class in February. It is a tap and ballet class at Rising Star Dance Academy. Her 1st dance recital was on June 20th. It was a tap number to the Mickey Mouse March. All of the girls were so adorable!!! Lots of family came to see her 2 minute routine :)! She had 16 guest. Wow! Some family members drove a couple hours to see her and then came back to our house for a rained-out cookout. We hung-out in the kitchen for most of the afternoon. It was a fun day. Thank you!

We are so proud of Sydney.... at the young age of 3 she is well composed and sweet as can be.

We weren't allowed to take pictures or video during the actual recital. Once I have a copy of the professional DVD that the dance company produces, I will post a video of her performance.

Rehearsal pics:

Sisters :)

waiting for the practice round....

working on the "Circle of Life" finale-

Sydney's General I dance class @ the dress rehearsal

It's show time!!!

An extremely proud Daddy-

Lots of flowers and gifts from everyone!
My girlfriend Carey helped with her makeup... it looked great!

Daddy, Sydney, Sophia & Mommy-

Grandmom & Sydney-
Aunt Linda & Uncle John-

Aunt Mary Beth & Cousin Morgan-

Miss Maureen already posted lots of dance recital pics to the Rising Star Dance Academy web-site. A couple of them are below.

Did I mention she was the youngest dancer... and the last time she'll be the youngest :(.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband. I love you so much! These past three years, you've become an extraordinary father. You give so much of yourself to our girls each day. They love you so much. They can't wait for you to walk in the door and they don't want you to leave without them in tow. If it was up to Sydney and Sophia, it would be Happy Father's Day every day of the year. You are the best Daddy in the whole wide world and our girls love you "as far as they can stretch their whole body" and "to the moon and stars and back again"!

Daddy & Sophia - Dec 2006

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Bonus Room... the BASEMENT

This week at Kelly's Korner it's "Show Us Where You Live Friday-Bonus Room".... like usual, I'm a few days late. I missed bathrooms last weekend because I was out of town, but my bathrooms are not that exciting so you really didn't miss anything. The FINISHED WALK-OUT BASEMENT is our multi-functional BONUS ROOM. It is divided into 4 areas: play area, craft area, theater area, and storage room with lots of bins, boxes, Snoop & Uno's cat food tray and liter boxes [I will not be showing the storage area because it is ughh awful!]. Who knew a BASEMENT could serve so many purposes and we spend time in it almost every day! (someone has to feed the cats!) Oh Yeah, I can't forget to mention (just in case he's reading) that this basement was finished by my handy Hubby!!


All of the artwork hanging along the top of the walls in the playroom and above my scrapbook area are courtesy of Sydney & Sophia :) Aunt Becky gave Sydney the pink PBK kitchen for Christmas when she was 3 weeks old! The girls use it almost every day now! Aunt Becky is the best :)!

Toy storage bins are from The Land of Nod:

Door on the left in the next pic goes into the storage area.There is another door catty-corner to the storage area that is framed-out for a future bathroom (my hubby is planning to do this summer).

View from play area looking towards the basement sliders/patio/back yard:

Basement Craft Area:

On average, we do 1 craft each day with the girls. The project table is in constant use with lots of glue, scissors, crayons & (washable) markers.

Sydney & Sophia use the project table all the time for craft projects, coloring, drawing, etc. The bar stools are from my apartment when I was single so they don't fit the table very well. The shelves & baskets on the side of the project table store their coloring books, sticker books, flash cards, workbooks, etc. (the two mardi gras posters on the wall were a gift many moons ago from a work colleague who lived in New Orleans)

Basement "Theater" Area:

This area still needs some work. I need a coffee table/ottoman and some decor/artwork in this area of the basement. I have my eyes on a fabric covered storage chest ottoman that I can use to hide all the blankets that are currently in a big basket by the sofa.

The sliders in the basement lead to a paver patio that my handy husband built. The patio is directly under our deck.

If you missed any of the home tour these last few weeks, below are the room links:

Thanks for stopping by our home :). Click here to go back to "Kelly's Friday Bonus Room" tour!


Friday, June 19, 2009

It's giveaway time @ My Sweet Savannah

"My Sweet Savannah" blogspot is having a giveaway, click here for more details.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Berry-Licious Day @ Willow Creek Orchards & Organic Farm

the clouds look painted perfect in the next picture:

Soooo proud from filling her entire basket... my little sweetheart:

A little taste before weighing-in. We ended up with four baskets.

Here are a couple pics inside the
Willow Creek Orchard Market. It is an Organic Farm with a beautiful farmers market. I love this place.

click here to go to Willow Creek Orchards web-site
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