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Monday, June 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Home Office

This week at Kelly's Korner it's "Show Us Where You Live Friday-Home Office".... and I am a few days late to the party!

Our home office is in the back corner of the house next to the great room. Many long days, week after week, year after year were spent in this room while I worked full-time+ from a home office... that is until two weeks ago. I am now a "Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations" [abbr: SAHM]. I'm liking the new job. I'm calling the desk in my kitchen "Mommy Central" and Bob is happy to have a "new" office;).

view FROM my home office a few weeks ago:
(looking at the foyer area...)

The look of the office now... with no Mommy-Yeah! Sophia likes it ;):

work laptop is no longer a permanent fixture:
the 4 veiled sculptures in the pic below are by Edward Kachurik GlassArt a local artist in Pennsylvania. They were a sale perfomance gift from my former employer

one of things we love about our house is the view from the back of our house.
here is the view from the office:

I have a scrapbooking area in my basement which is now used for kids craft projects. I will probably post pics when Kelly does bonus rooms. ;)

If you missed any of the home tour these last few weeks, below are the room links:

1st week: Kitchen
2nd week:
Living Room
3rd week:
Guest Room
4th week:
Dining Room
5th week:
Children's Room

Thanks for stopping by my home :). Click here to go back to "Kelly's Friday Office" tour!



linda said...

Love the rug colors and design. Your backyard view is so pretty, and the pool is so awesome! Hope you have fun with your girls being a SAHM!!

Susan said...

What a beautiful home and precious family! Thanks for visiting over @ atouchofeast! Can't wait to catch up more here.

Michelle said...

Your home is beautiful Susan - I would so love to have your pool !!

Where's the pics of your bathrooms !! I'm sure they are just as pretty !

Anonymous said...

The office is sooooo empty! Yipee!!!
Does Bob use it now?????
Mom W

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