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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Guest Room Edition

This is the third "Show Us Where You Live Friday" at Kelly's Korner. The 1st Friday was Kitchen's, the 2nd Friday it was Living Rooms and today, it is GUEST ROOMS.
When Sophia was born, we moved Sydney out of the nursery and into a smaller bedroom. We considered making the GUEST ROOM her bedroom because it was larger, but decided to give her the smaller bedroom in the back of the house because it had a better view. The downside is that there isn't much room for furniture and we could only fit a twin bed in her room.
She came to us a couple months ago and said her (twin) bed was too small and no one could sleep with her (at least not comfortably!). She asked for a king size bed like her Mom & Dad so that Mommy, Daddy and Sophia could sleep with her. Her little sister does like to sleep with her so we agreed to move her into the guest room which has a queen bed. I have to agree that bed size is more important than a view, especially for a little girl who loves to cuddle with her Mommy and Daddy and listen to bedtime stories.
Sooo.... here is the soon NOT-to-be Guest Room. It may be my least appealing room because it needs paint and artwork, but now I'm glad that we never got around to painting it.

View from the doorway
(picture taken in the evening so it's kind of dark)

picture taken during the day from the "closet-side" of the room:

I purchased the hand rubbed (black) painted guest room furniture at a Home Furnishing Consignment Shop in Wayne, PA. It was a floor model from a local furniture showroom and was in perfect condition. I can't remember exactly how much I paid, but I think it was around $1,200 for the entire 6 piece set including the bed, 2 nightstands, armour, huge dresser and mirror. It is heavy, good quality furniture too!

The bed linens, window drapery and lamps are all Restoration Hardware. The colors are Lichen and Chocolate. It's a shame that the room is not painted. I think a coat of paint would have pulled it all together.


Sydney's shell collection is on the night stand:

Below are the Guest Room Conversion plans:
Sydney would like a PURPLE ROOM (her room across the hallway is a beautiful shade of pink). We have decided to go with a lilac color with an underlying gray tone. So far, we've purchased the paint and the duvet from Serena and Lily. [They have been sitting in a closet for a few months now! This "house tour" is motivating me to do her room]. My goal is to create a room that she will enjoy for many years.
"Hydrangea" paint color
Delphine Duvet Cover
Heather Pebble Fabric for the sheets or Flat Roman Shades (?)--

OR Heather Florentine Fabric for the Roman Shades?
Picture of Finished product below, but with hand-rubbed black furniture???? I'm not sure if it will work, but I will give it a try.



Thank you for stopping by my home! Click here to go back to Kelly's Guest Room Tour.

PS -I will post the pictures of Sydney's new room when it's complete, but it may be another few months.


Melissa Miller said...

What a beautiful guest room! :)

Lauren said...

The Purple Room would have been my DREAM room as a little girl! I think it will great!

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