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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sophia Loves Polka Dots

Bob was just taking the wash out of the dryer... and this was his conversation with Sophia
Daddy: "Sophia, the spots did not come out of your dress"
Sophia: "that's okay Daddy, I like polka dots" :)

Sophia is always the one to console me...

The other night after swimming in the pool and showering. Sophia and Sydney saw me in the buff (yipes!)... Sophia said something about my bosom (can't remember exactly what she said)... this conversation followed:

Sydney: "can I have some milk from them"
Mommy: in a sad tone... "no, you and Sophia drank it all when you were little"
Sophia: gently patting my knee  "it's okay Mommy, Daddy will go to the store and buy more"

Yeah! Once again, Daddy to the rescue. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Foto Find Friday - EYES

Angie at Angelica Grace Designs is hosting FOTO FIND FRIDAY. The theme this week is EYES. Sophia, my 2 year old, is always an easy subject when it comes to eyes. She gives me a look that says "I'm not going to smile for your picture" in hopes that I will stop shooting. Of course, her STARE-DOWN does not stop me. These shots usually end up being my favorite photos of her because they are SO HER personality ;)

In this particular photo she was eating candy from her Easter basket and did not like the interruption:

In this photo she was playing mini-golf.... once again, she intentionally looked away from the camera:

sitting in the hot tub... just woke up from a nap... not too happy:


Miss "Phia"


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Foto Find Friday - COLOR

The in-laws were in town last week visiting from Florida. We had an awesome time! The first night of their visit, we went to to hear The Mango Men Band in Skippack Village. It was a ton of fun despite the HIGH humidity and threatening thunderstorms.

AGD's Foto Find Friday last Friday was COLOR.... I have some colorful photos of Sydney and Sophia in colorful dresses, sitting on colorful chairs, eating A RAINBOW SNOW-CONE listening to The Mango Men.





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Friday, August 14, 2009

First time for everything...

Fishing for the VERY FIRST TIME with Daddy!!

The photos are blurry because I still don't know how to use my camera and the settings were all messed up... but I had to share a couple cute pics of their adorable expressions....

They both caught fish! Not sure who had a better time, Daddy or the girls?

This is my FIRST FOTO Friday participation. These are not fabulous fotos, but since Angie's Foto Find Friday theme is WATER this week... I could not resist linking. This was Sydney & Sophia's 1st time fishing. Making it even more special, it was at the High Point Camp lake which is the camp, church & academy that I attended from 3 yrs of age to 17. The same lake where my Grampy use to take me fishing on Saturdays when he would visit us on weekends from his home in Philadelphia.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

July 4th - Better Late Than Never...

I didn't want to miss doing a post about our July 4th [only a month late right?]. It was such a great day for our entire family. My Mom & Dad invited us over for a picnic. The girls has so much fun with their cousins... there was lots of swimming, eating, swinging in the hammock, horseback riding and throwing rocks in the pond. For me it was a relaxing and FILLING day. My parents went overboard with TONS of food. It was good to see a two of my five sisters and a bunch of my [many!!] nieces & nephews. To avoid posting a million pics and an extremely long post, I'm adding a few collages. BUT first a few favorites moments...

My sister Mary Beth and her daughter Morgan--
(They always take the best pictures when they are together.)

Mary Beth's husband, David, holding Sydney.... she is amused with his facial hair.
Sophia waiting her turn to ride the horse...

Morgan & David (my niece & nephew) giving Sophia their undivided attention while she reads--
Mom has the perfect picnic table for our two little ladies---

Rose & Corban, my niece & nephew

Mom & Sydney... Sydney riding Sebastian

Sophia [take note of horse snorting Sophia's entire head..HA!]--

More pics of the cousins...

Nicholas [Mary Beth's son]---
Morgan & Rose watching Sophia jump off the diving board---
Chase & Chad [my oldest brothers boys]---
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