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Friday, August 14, 2009

First time for everything...

Fishing for the VERY FIRST TIME with Daddy!!

The photos are blurry because I still don't know how to use my camera and the settings were all messed up... but I had to share a couple cute pics of their adorable expressions....

They both caught fish! Not sure who had a better time, Daddy or the girls?

This is my FIRST FOTO Friday participation. These are not fabulous fotos, but since Angie's Foto Find Friday theme is WATER this week... I could not resist linking. This was Sydney & Sophia's 1st time fishing. Making it even more special, it was at the High Point Camp lake which is the camp, church & academy that I attended from 3 yrs of age to 17. The same lake where my Grampy use to take me fishing on Saturdays when he would visit us on weekends from his home in Philadelphia.

Thanks for stopping by for some fish-water fotos. Click here to go to the AGD Foto Find Friday.


Angie Seaman said...

Oh my goodness...these are just precious. What great memories you've got here. Thanks so much for sharing these. They are just adorable. My son would love to see them. He LOVES fishing! :) Keep snappin' away and keep making those memories. Too too fun! I hope you continue to participate in the future. I'm excited to see everyone's photos in the coming weeks regarding each new theme.

Blessings, Angie

sportzmom said...

I love that the girls were fishing and that they were doing it with their daddy! It's so nice for them to be able to share time together. Have a great weekend.

Greet said...

Beautiful girls you have Susan!!
At the age that your girls have, it's so nice that they go on holidays with their parents, isn't?
Enjoy that!!!


Bernie said...

I love your pictures and your girls are so cute.

Kristine said...

Darling pictures!

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