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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Grandma's new knees!

On Monday, Grandmom had knee replacement (arthroplasty) surgery at Grand View Hospital on BOTH knees! We stopped by for a visit Tuesday afternoon and Thursday night...

On Tuesday, Grandmom was groggy and a little dizzy (for those of you who just thought "that's normal" for Mom... you should be ashamed!! I don't mean the naive kind of "dizzy"... I'm talking about the "I'm going to fall down the room is spinning" kind of dizzy). Mom said her blood pressure dropped to 7/6 that morning!!?? I'm not a Dr.. but I think Mom may have the numbers wrong because she never mentioned that she also went into shock... so my guess is that her BP dropped to 70/60 . Anyway, she wasn't doing that great and was ticked at Carla for talking her into having the surgery... but she was able to get out of bed to go to therapy (despite her effort in trying to convince Bob, the physical therapist, that she may get dizzy). She walked a few steps then into a wheelchair, where she was able to do most of the leg exercise. It's amazing how quick she was able get out of her hospital bed the day after the surgery.
We went back on Thursday and had dinner with Mom. She looked 100% better and ready to go... earlier that day she walked the entire length of the hospital corridor with her walker. Mom showed Sydney and Sophia the huge lateral incision on her knee which was held together by staples. Sophia was sitting beside on her on the bed with her face 6 inches away from the incision. Each time Grandmom would cover it back up, Sophia would begin to cry so Mom would show it to her again and again. I'm not sure if she was just fascinated by it or what, but it made us laugh.... maybe she'll be a doctor when she grows up (although if she anything like her Mother, I doubt it!).

Four days after surgery, Mom is now home and "kicking it up" around the house! Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but she is doing great. Yesterday, the girls made Grandmom and Grandpop Lasagna for dinner... Sophia took Sydney's lead on how to do it. Daddy and Sydney went for a quick visit to drop it off so they could eat it for dinner last night. Sydney really enjoyed making the Lasagna... she keeps telling us that she wants Grandmom to feel better. Oh yeah, the other night she told Bob, she wanted to go visit her "New" Grandmom (with the "new" knees).... so sweet! Grandnma's got brand new knees, her legs are straight and she's looking great!!

Sydney's perfectly arranged "oven ready" pasta sheets. I did not realize it, until the 3rd layer that it should be 4 across-overlapped.

Sophia is still in a daze from her nap

Sophia watching how her big sis does it...

2 sheets of Lasagna =

  • 4 lbs of browned ground meat and sausage with EVO & garlic,

  • 8++ cups of Mozzarella,

  • 30+ oz of ricotta,

  • 4 eggs,

  • oregano & basil for seasoning,

  • 2 cups of Locatelli (YUM!),

  • 3 1/2 jars of Barilla sauce,

  • 2 packs of Barilla oven ready pasta sheets.

the finished product... and she's still smiling after all that work!

Now off to Grandmom's with Daddy....
Sydney was upset that she couldn't stay longer at Grandma's house.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a taste of summer

How summers always seem to fly by… I did very little air or car travel this summer, but work was still crazy busy with emails, phone calls, emails, Live Meetings and more emails. Argghhh – some days I feel like quitting so that I can spend more time with the girls. Then I have those energized days where I love my job and the challenge of it all (...had to mention that in case my boss’s wife is reading this… Hi Darlene! ).

We never did get around to having a big bar-b-q party. We did have a few little cookouts with family. My hamburger loving husband did lots of grilling this summer. His 3 girls reaped the benefits… burgers with gorgonzola, veggie kabobs, corn-on-the-cob, cucumber & tomato salad and Becky’s Baked Beans! If you live in the Gilbertsville area you need to try these baked beans located at the Deli counter in Freed’s Supermarket (2024 Swamp Pike, Gilbertsville)… credit goes to Connie our next door neighbor for having them at one of her cook-outs... You will never buy Bush’s or make homemade ever again!

The girls had a great summer. Sydney (2 ½) started the summer venturing into the hot tub with a float (the type with leg holes providing complete support and security). Sophia (1 ½) started with arm swimmies. She was very brave from day one… she ventured in the pool even the deep end! Over the summer, at her own pace, Sydney began to expand her swimming skills and comfort level. By the first week of September, Bob had them both jumping off the diving board. They both know how to hold their breath when they go under water (Sophia’s been able to do it almost all summer).
Only weeks ago, Sydney would have preferred to stay in the house to read a book or watch Noggin and Sprout… now she wakes up asking if she can go swimming. Bob and I are so surprised. We are trying to take advantage of her desire to swim.... there are only a few "pool" weeks left in the season. I’ve posted some pics below of Sydney jumping off the dive and Sophia jumping in the hot tub.


perfect form


Sophia's turn... 1,2,3...

20 times off the diving board is exhausting!
Miss Corn

Miss Cob

Aunt Becky & Daddy

Mom and Dad
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