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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a taste of summer

How summers always seem to fly by… I did very little air or car travel this summer, but work was still crazy busy with emails, phone calls, emails, Live Meetings and more emails. Argghhh – some days I feel like quitting so that I can spend more time with the girls. Then I have those energized days where I love my job and the challenge of it all (...had to mention that in case my boss’s wife is reading this… Hi Darlene! ).

We never did get around to having a big bar-b-q party. We did have a few little cookouts with family. My hamburger loving husband did lots of grilling this summer. His 3 girls reaped the benefits… burgers with gorgonzola, veggie kabobs, corn-on-the-cob, cucumber & tomato salad and Becky’s Baked Beans! If you live in the Gilbertsville area you need to try these baked beans located at the Deli counter in Freed’s Supermarket (2024 Swamp Pike, Gilbertsville)… credit goes to Connie our next door neighbor for having them at one of her cook-outs... You will never buy Bush’s or make homemade ever again!

The girls had a great summer. Sydney (2 ½) started the summer venturing into the hot tub with a float (the type with leg holes providing complete support and security). Sophia (1 ½) started with arm swimmies. She was very brave from day one… she ventured in the pool even the deep end! Over the summer, at her own pace, Sydney began to expand her swimming skills and comfort level. By the first week of September, Bob had them both jumping off the diving board. They both know how to hold their breath when they go under water (Sophia’s been able to do it almost all summer).
Only weeks ago, Sydney would have preferred to stay in the house to read a book or watch Noggin and Sprout… now she wakes up asking if she can go swimming. Bob and I are so surprised. We are trying to take advantage of her desire to swim.... there are only a few "pool" weeks left in the season. I’ve posted some pics below of Sydney jumping off the dive and Sophia jumping in the hot tub.


perfect form


Sophia's turn... 1,2,3...

20 times off the diving board is exhausting!
Miss Corn

Miss Cob

Aunt Becky & Daddy

Mom and Dad

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Carey said...

these summer pics are so adorable! I am so proud of Sydney and Sophia for their swimming abilities. Not too many 1 and a half year olds can say they know how to swim! That is amazing!! All thanks to a great Mommy and Daddy!!

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