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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Since the beginning of the year, Sydney has been asking for a kitten that she can pet. Snoop, our 13 year old male cat, will only allow Bob or I to pet him... he is a scaredy cat due to his traumatic kittenhood in Norristown PA.
We've been waiting until we could adopt a kitten (we didn't know that they were only born in the late spring and fall?). Snoop's vet in Limerick would not allow us to adopt one because we haven't taken him to the vet for a couple years (you try to catch and cage him! Ask Bob, it's a workout). Who knew it was so difficult to adopt (save!) a kitten... and to think of the abandoned and abused kittens Bob has saved from Norristown.
We finally adopted a male kitten from Spay and Save. Bob found him at the Petco in Limerick. He has a big "O" on each side. Bob suggested the name "Target" (I don't think he was talking about the logo for the store we frequent... but was thinking about the bale of hay in our backyard... what a sick sense of humor ;-) !?). There is an "N" by the "O" so I suggested "NO" or "UNO". "No" would not have worked... it's a word we try to avoid as much as possible with two toddler's in the house. SO UNO IT IS!
Lucky us, Uno is the perfect cat for Sophia. She carries him by the neck and pulls really hard on his tail, but he doesn't seem to mind. We are trying to teach her how to be gentle and how to hold him(We don't want the kitten police to come take him from us). Sydney is extremely gentle and loving... she says "look how cute he is" and "I want him to stay" and she tells him how much she loves him. Sooooooo adorable! He was a litter box user from the get-go, extremely gentle, loves to cuddle and play AND the girls adore him (Nana will too!). What more can you ask for... UNO is one cool cat!

this is a girl who is normally scared to death of animals
see the "NO" on his side?

a cat!!!

sweet happiness!

her gentle touch (I don't have a pic of the strangle hold)

tuckered out - the laundry room escape

Today I was able to get a picture of the "strangle hold"!

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Steph said...

the girls are growing up so fast....miss them!

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