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Saturday, August 30, 2008

"flip-flop frocks"

People are always stopping me to ask about the cute, reversible dresses with matching bloomers that my girls wear. I always tell them "RightBankBabies.com". These outfits are easy, easy, easy.... it's like having two outfits in one. They come in many different fun fabrics. If you buy them a little large, they can wear them as a dress for a couple years and as a top for a couple more.
The new fabric choices they posted to the web-site this summer, like the one to the right, are not as durable as the dresses that I've purchased in years past. These new summer fabrics are too thin to hold the big cute buttons and the fabric wrinkles easily. VERY disappointing... I hope they go back to the more durable, thicker fabrics that held up much better in the wash.... maybe they have with the new fall prints?
I was at the King of Prussia Mall with my two girls and my 18 year old niece, Velia, in early August. We were stopped around 20 times by people asking about the girls dresses and asking me where I purchased them. Each time I would take the time to tell them (my niece found it annoying after a while :-).... my husband thinks I should be getting a kick back because I've probably told a couple hundred people about these dresses. I really don't mind when asked... if it means more business for RBB and more new fabrics to choose from then I'm happy to help.
The last three dresses & bloomers that I purchased on-line came from Saige Nicoles
. I highly recommend this site. She event sent a cute, handwritten thank you note!

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