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Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday: Children's Rooms

This is the 5th week of "Show Us Where You Live Friday" at Kelly's Korner. This week is CHILDREN'S ROOMS.

I won't be showing Sydney's room because I'm in the middle of moving her to another bedroom. I will show her new room in a month or two... right now she's in the "guest room".

Here are pictures of Sophia's bedroom--

Sophia, my youngest, is two years old. She started to sleep in her big-girl bed soon after she turned two. She will be moving into Sydney's old room once I have Sydney completely moved into what use to be the guest room. Nothing like musical rooms!

I included a few shots with different lighting... I love how the color changes shades with the light.
View from the doorway:
One of Sydney and Sophia's favorite things to do is read! They do a lot of reading in their bedrooms because we don't store any toys in their rooms. [We keep all the toys in the playroom which makes it easy when it comes to keeping their bedrooms clean and less distractions when they are taking a nap or going to bed!] 

This room was orginally Sydney's nursery and then it was Sophia's nursery. (Sydney pictured on the left in the nursery when she was 8 months old :)

Before Sydney was born, I designed the nursery closet on-line @ Easy Closets . It's an easy to use design tool and great quality closet system that I highly recommend if you want "Calfornia" type custom closets for half the price. The closet is made to order and shipped almost immediatley. My husband had no problem installing them. This is the smallest bedroom closet in our house and I was able to fit lots of clothes, shoes, blankets, stuffed animals, etc in this closet. You can also re-adjust the shelving & hanging rods as your child grows and their clothes are longer: 

One of the items on Sophia's closet shelf are these diaper pins from when my husband was baby. They were a gift from my mother-in-law. They have his initials engraved on them: 
  • 1st picture (Dec06) - just inside the door of the NICU... very first time Sydney met her baby sister, Sophia. It was for a split second because children were not allowed in the NICU.
  • 2nd picture (Dec06) - after we brought Sophia home from the hospital... she was laying in the sun trying to get rid of her Bilirubin.
  • 3rd picture (Sept06) - Sophia is 9 months old in this picture with her sister Sydney who is 21 months old in this picture.

The "Sophia" wall-art below was a gift from my boss and his wife. It is little girls that makeup the name Sophia. I love how the artist incorporated Bob's hobby of fishing and my hobby of scrapbooking, although it's hard to see in this poor quality picture that I shot!

Well that's it for children's bedrooms (for now)!
Is it obvious that Sophia likes butterflies?
Thank you for stopping by this week. I am having fun looking at all the home tours. Thank You for letting me take a peak of your home.
If you missed any of the home tour these last few weeks, below are the room links:
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Enjoy your weekend.


Nancy said...

It's so fun to have girls isn't? It looks like our girls might be close in age. I have 2 of them! The rooms are soooooo cute! I love them! Thanks for sharing :)

Myra said...

SO adorable! I love the way you have decorated! Thanks for sharing!

Brandi said...

The room is beautiful! I love the color and the butterflies are so cute.

Michelle said...

I love the room....it is adorable ! I can't wait to start decorating a "big girl" room for my daughter. Thanks for sharing !

Kristine said...

Really pretty rooms!!! I love the pink walls and white furniture...and the lighting.

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