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Monday, May 25, 2009

They Keep Us Free

They Keep Us Free
by Roger Robicheau

In time of need their will is sure
American, their freedom pure

Protect our life and liberty
Unselfishly, they keep us free

Each soldier knows what is at stake
The risk is grave, there’s no mistake

With pride they serve our country strong
They face each foe to come along

Remember them while in your home
Or where you choose to freely roam

Don’t take for granted what you see
Some left this life, so it could be

To God I urge you all to pray
For soldier’s brave, to face each day

We should be thankful, one and all
For those who march to meet each call

Here is an amazing "Taps" performance by a 5th grade girl that will give you chills.

To all of you in the Armed Forces, Thank You for your great courage and for
keeping our country free!

Happy Memorial Day. God Bless!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...


ShEiLa said...

Congrats on being a fellow winner at [Teresa's Treasures]... just can't wait to find out what we won.

Absolutely adorable girls. I love their names too.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Congrats on winning at Teresa's place!!! This is a lovely post, and you have a beautiful blog! Suits you!!! Judging by your profile picture, you are every bit as beautiful as your blog! So glad Teresa led me here!!! ~Janine Xo

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