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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Horsing Around

A couple weeks ago, Grandmom arranged a "wash Sebastian" activity for the girls. Sebastian was a little riled up for reasons that I cannot mention (trying to keep my Mom out of hot-water). The skittish pony did not keep the girls from hosing & sponging him down. It was a good lesson in teamwork :). After trying to clean him, we rewarded him with ginger-snap cookies then we saddle him up. The girls enjoyed riding him. As soon as we let him lose in the field, he rolled in the mud!

Sydney washed Sebastian with a sponge
Grandmom held the lead rope
Mommy hosed him

and then Sophia squeegeed the excess water and toweled him off-

Sophia is very comfortable in a saddle... she has no fear even when she's bouncing all over the place-- I can't believe she is only two! The learn so much so fast.

Big ol' friendly, ginger-snap eating Rita:

Two new colts with their mamma's

My nephew Chase... butterfly's will stay on his nose for hours... weird!?

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