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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stitched, Bothered And Bewildered

... and not necessarily in that order! This post is a real "Whoopsie Daisy" (and I'm sure there will be many more).
Remember that great park that I mentioned in the previous post? On Monday, we began another beautiful, relaxing day there. Grandmom (my Mom) met us at the park. Much to Sydney and Sophia's delight, she brought her dog, Peanut. Peanut is an harmless old dog, who is deaf. My girls love him. For almost an hour, they were taking turns walking the dog.

During Sophia's turn to walk the dog, she had a spill... instead of letting go of the leash to catch her balance or break the fall with her hands, she kept hold of the leash and fell hard! Normally, I wouldn't worry too much when she falls, but she was crying LOUD and did not get up. I ran to pick her up and saw the gash by her eye (I am thankful to God that it was not her eye)... that's when I started to panic. [she hit a metal clamp that was mounted on a post in the playground, right where it's bolted together. OUCH!]

I packed up the car so fast (practically threw Peanut in my Mom's car... POOR SWEET DOG) and we were off to the hospital.

Once we were in the car and heading to the hospital, Sophia seemed fine. Turning on the CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST DVD was like magic.... it seemed to take all of her pain away (and Mommy's panic).  The ER took her right away. They were awesome... the best BOO BOO doctor (so I was told) was on call that day (YEAH!). They had to use a Papoose Board to restrain her which made a lot of sense because of the laceration location (I voluntarily left the room during numbing and stitching so not to cause any extra trouble). It only took them 10 minutes to clean, numb & stitch and SOPHIA WAS A HAPPY GIRL AGAIN.

She loved all of the ATTENTION, but did not like the Doctor or the Papoose. She asked if she could go back to the park and walk Peanut. THAT'S MY GIRL :)

 Sydney running up to greet and hug Grandmom in the parking lot:

 Sophia walking Peanut:

Sydney with Peanut in photo below: 
You are the best big sister EVER!!!

Sophia's before photo below... all smiles with Peanut:

Exhibit A below:
photo below was taken LAST WEEK at the park... the "clamp culprit" (click on photo to enlarge... still little blurry... but you get the idea.)

Photos taken with the iPhone at Hospital:
She definitely played it up for the camera because in the hospital waiting room she was all smiles:

The nurse holding Sophia... she is all done and ready to be un-papoosed:

All stitched up!... Watching Casper (again) on the ride home. She did not want to go home... 
She kept on saying "I'm all better can I go to Grandmom's? I want Sydney." 
I did what all Mom's do when their child goes through a similar situation.. you spoil them! So I took her to Grandmom's to pick up Sydney.

Today (the morning after) Sophia was ready to go to dance class!!

 One Tough Cookie!! Boy do I love her! xo


Greet said...

Oh my god! You see what can happens with children! When my son Anthony was about 3 years old, he was with my dad feeding the chickens! He liked them a lot, he had given the chickens a name!
Suddenly one of them had picked Anthony right in his eye!!! Can you imagine! My father rushed to the doctor (I was not there) and thanks God, it was not in the middle of his eye but on the white part of his eye and so there was only touched a little vain!
So the doctor said to Anthony who was crying:" Don't worry Anthony, that chicken had not brushed his teeth today, now I only have to clean your little eye!"
And everything was ok! After a few days you could not see anything anymore!

Give you daughter a big hug!

Kristine said...

I am so glad that it did not hit her eye! so close..it looks like they did a nice job stitching her up. Girls are so tough! I know that was hard to watch and probably hard to drive her to the hospital without going 100 mph...or maybe you just went ahead and went that fast ;)...I know..I have driven quickly to the ER myself.

So sorry that happened and glad she is on the mend.



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