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Friday, October 2, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear this week. Here are some items that my husband and I found to be a PLEASANT SURPRISE; MOST USEFUL; BEST QUALITY (after trying many!); and/or COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT:
[disclaimer: my girls are now age 2 and 3. I'm sure there are new and improved baby items now]

Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller FRAME 

We used this Graco stroller FRAME all the time when Sydney was in the Infant Graco SnugRide carseat. We had a couple other strollers, but this was our favorite with the infant seat. It was LIGHT, FOLDS FLAT, INEXPENSIVE AND PRACTICAL and it had cup holders!! We traveled non-stop with Sydney using the Graco Snugride Seat and Frame. It made traveling EASY! Of course, when we had Sophia 12 months later, we moved to a double stroller that could accommodate Sophia in the Graco Snugride and Sydney, a toddler.

Above photo: Sydney and me in Tenerife Spain with Graco Snugride and frame :)

CARES, the Child Aviation Restraint System

This is a TINY contraption and a great invention if you FLY a lot with little ones! It saves you from hauling a HUGE CAR SEAT on the airplane. You can then check the car-seat through curb-side or do what we do, reserve a car seat with the rental car agency. Click here for photo of CARES

The "Porche" of car seats that grows with your child and provides ultimate SAFETY (Fits 1 year to 80 lbs/59 inches!). Our girls are now 2 and 3, these car seats still look brand new and are soooo comfortable! It's height-adjustable and as soon as the child outgrows the 5-point harness and seat cushion, you can remove them, converting the Young Sport into a booster seat. It's even easy to install and remove... AND It looks GREAT! I have Recaro's for both girls in my car. Bob has a nice Britax Boulevard carseat in his truck. We really like the Britax seat, but not as much as the Recaro's.


The baby book that I lived by when it came to guidance on taking care of Sydney & Sophia when they were babies. I believe in the Dr. Sears way...proof is in my pudding ;) 

Above photo: Sydney was almost 3 months old in this photo.
We were heading to Canary Islands, Spain for vacation.

 Infants Mylicon

Provided us with sleep! Worked like a dream... give it only 15 minutes, gas is gone and our girls were sound asleep!!

Photo Above: Sydney @ 3 months... a very happy and GREAT sleeper despite the almost nightly gas.

 Chicco Hippo Travel Seat

Restaurant Table, Pop-up Camper Table, Grandmom's Dining Room or Kitchen Table, Hospital Cafeteria, an Outdoor Dining Table, wherever there's a table... This snaps easily on to almost any table and it FOLDS UP FLAT!! If filthy public highchairs gross you out, try the HIPPO!

Photo Above: Sydney almost 1-1/2 years old sitting in her HIPPO Chair. 
Assateague Island camping May 2007

Photos Above: Sophia @ 2 years old sitting in her HIPPO Chair.
Assateague Island camping May 2009

BABYBJORN Plate and Spoon

Of all the baby plate and spoons we have/had, the BabyBjorn Plate and Spoon was by far our favorite AND WE ARE STILL USING THEM. Minimal mess, no skid bottom and easy for the  little ones to self feed with its great shape.

 Photo Above: Sydney 14 Months old at school  eating breakfast ;) so cute!!

Photo Above: Sophia (2 years) eating Pasta!

comes in double or single... you do not feel like you're pushing a load even with 2 kids!!!

As soon as they were eating solids, we had them sitting in the SVAN high-chair which converts to a toddler/child chair which we use daily!! We have two of them... we love them and the girls love them. We always get compliments on these stylish chairs that match our decor.

Sydney 2 years old and Sophia 1 year... cleaning their Svan high-chairs!

Sophia and Sydney sitting in their Svan chairs at breakfast.

 Dollar Tree PINK Diaper DISPOSAL Bags with handles

Lastly.... Dollar Tree 100 PACK of PINK diaper disposal bags for $1! (similar to these). They even have a baby-powder SCENT. They are really good bags too. My sister, Esther, turned me onto these.

OH YEAH, can't forget the

Medela Double Breastpump Backpack

I used this when breastfeeding both girls and when I was out of town traveling for work. It worked great!

Odd assortment and from expensive to dirt cheap! These are the items that stick out in my mind right now... it's been a couple years, I'm sure I've forgotten a few infant and 1 year old items that I couldn't live without :). This was fun. 

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