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Friday, September 25, 2009

Swing, Slide, Run and Hide...

On Thursday, we spent most of our day at the park. It is an extremely relaxing way for us to spend time together. Plus, it gets us out of the house for some fresh air!! Fall is the best time to go to a community playground. The big kids are back in school and the parks are peaceful and quiet.
Other great things about parks...
They're free!
The girls get great exercise and improve their gross motor skills... they are good at jumping, climbing and balancing! At times, Sydney still has a fear of falling, but will keep on practicing until she masters each skill.
They have so much fun together (sometimes with friends or cousins or they make new friends).
I like soaking in the suns rays because everyone needs some Vitamin D to keep them healthy!
.... AND THE BONUS!? The HOUSE is still CLEAN when we get home and they go to BED EARLY because we missed nap-time!

There are some great parks where we live. The closest park to where we live won Best of Philly for our county a few years ago. [probably the only year that Philly Mag had this category?]. The problem with this popular playground, it's crowded! The other park that we frequent is next to the library that we visit weekly near my Mom's house. It a nice little playground with a pavilion for picnic lunch and it's in a convenient location.  We recently tried another park near my Mom's house. It may be our favorite park yet! It has lots of walking/bike-riding paths, sports fields and picnic pavilions as well as a nice size playground. The girls had a blast climbing, sliding, balancing, running and riding their bikes. We pretty much had the place to ourselves so I took a few pictures.

Sophia climbing with no fear:

Sydney (white shorts):                        Sophia (flowered shorts):

balancing act:


The girls took some time to collect a few Fall leaves... they did not find many, but will have a bunch to choose from in a couple weeks:


Sydney (pictured below) carrying her Fall leaves. Our tender, sweet little girl. Who loves nature.... bug, birds, leaves, trees. She loves everything about it.

It was a warm September day... and with all that climbing Sophia's shirt made her TOO HOT! 
(or so she said)... YOU ARE OUR FEARLESS little climber :)

I am having a SWINGING good time SLIDING into SAHM-hood (it's now 4 months and counting). I'm ENJOYING EACH and EVERY moment with my girls!


Kristine said...

Looks like so much fun!!!
And your girls look beautiful as always...

Greet said...

I love to go to see your blog every time I see that you have done a post! Every time I enjoy the pictures !

Thank you!


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