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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One of My Husbands "Bucket List" Dreams Came True Last Week

My husband has TWO THREE* favorite pass-times:
1.) Hunting with a Bow
2.) Fishing
[*his family is at the top of this list!]

Archery Hunting for a Bull Elk has always been a dream hunt for him. [Where we live in Pennsylvania is usually limited to white-tailed deer.] I personally cannot relate to a dream that includes watching a rutting bull elk make his way bugling into your bow sights, BUT I'm happy that it makes my husband happy. I will admit that the bull elks bugling sound is amazing and love the stunning scenery.

My husband finally spoiled himself by scheduling an Archery Elk Hunt with Cody Carr in Plains Montana. He loved every single minute of his dream hunt!! It was a 8 night, 7 day hunt. He could not contain his excitement during his (limited and brief) calls letting us know that he was having an awesome, exhausting time in Montana. He got his "Trophy" Elk on Day 6 (cutting it close!). He is now asking me, "Where are we going to hang it?"! My answer, "Huh?" We already have a few deer in his "trophy" room, but an Elk mount will not fit in his "favorite" room. I am posting some photos from his trip because it is such a HUGE deal and BIG NEWS in our household and with his family and friends.

First, I will start with photos of the beautiful Montana scenery that he captured with his tiny point & shoot pocket camera. I admit, I wouldn't mind a trip to Montana or maybe even living in Montana. The scenery is breathtaking! 

What a place and a way to see the beauty of God's creation!!

My husband rode Banjo, the brown horse in the above photo.

The above photo was taking during his afternoon nap/perch while drying out his socks. He slept an average of 3 hours at night (12am to 3am) and then 2 hours during the day. 
Hiking 15 miles or riding a horse 15 miles was an average day.

The above photo is his horse, Banjo, with another horse at the Forestry Lookout. 
Now... onto the hunt photos:

One Happy Hubby in the photo above!! This photo was taking at sunrise.
The horse above is Chester. The thought of my husband riding a horse for many miles cracks me up. I grew up riding horses... Bob is afraid  use to be afraid of horses. He rode once before on our honeymoon in Australia... on the beach, NOT IN THE MOUNTAINS!

After 6 days of LITTLE sleep and LOTS of hiking & horseback riding.... SUCCESS!

My husband is comfortable in his manhood ;)... he had no problem kissing his guide, Cody Carr (the owner of the outfit in the photo below), as a BIG THANK YOU for the successful guidance. He had so many good things to say about this outfit and wants to go back!

PS - Bob said that Cody tried his best to get away!


Now for all you hunters wives out there, I'm looking for some good Elk Recipes :).




Greet said...


This is amazing wath your husband is doing! And Montana seems indeed wonderful!
Have'nt you felt the need to go with him on a hunting trip?

Susan, these are wonderful pictures!


Anonymous said...

You ARE right. My family is at the top of my list. Thanks for letting me go and supporting my hobby. I love you and the girls so much. Leaving you guys was the hardest part of the trip.

If you did start going on hunting trips with me, we would have to start with Red Stag in New Zealand or Axis deer in Hawaii. Sounds good to me. Make the reservations.

Donna said...

Great job there hunter husband. Mine goes every year in Colorado, but no luck this year. I might have to send him to Montana. I will have to send you my elk recipe. It is like swiss steak. Really good. I might have to check out the Hawaii trip I would go on that one for sure!! He is always saying we should come along, but I want the views and not so much the roughing it part of the whole trip! :)

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