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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy!!

The girls could not wait for Daddy to arrive home today!! They made him a Lemon Bundt Cake and homemade welcome home cards.
iphone photo of Sydney & Sophia waiting for Daddy in the airport:
[Sophia's crochet hat is by Karenisa on Etsy. Thanks Kristine for the recommendation! We love it :)!]

Surprise! They wanted to yell Happy Birthday when they saw him walk through security. I guess because we made him a cake :).

Lemon cake with lemon icing for their #1 Daddy!courtesy of Sydney & Sophia

Welcome home Honey. We missed you so much!


Cathy said...

I just found your blog...it is lovely!!!

Your children are darling...they are just too cute welcoming home thier Daddy!!!

Hve a wonderful day!!!

Kristine said...

MMMMM, that bundt cake looks YUMMY!

The girls are so beautiful and that hat is really adorable. Glad you like it!!! and always happy to pass on great shopping that I have found...when I get to shop ;)

Hope you are having a great day and glad your husband is home!!! Always nice to have everyone back together...I know..my husband travels A LOT.

Has your friend heard anything about her adoption? I am going to go and post on her blog.


LindsB said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog- its too bad you dont live in Boston, it would have been fun to meet at the get together.

Your girls are so cute, love their names too!!

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