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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Part 4 of 7: Simply Amazing Castaway Cay

While on a ship, it be all about the seafarin' but if me had to be a landlubber for a day, there be no better place for the kids then Castaway Cay!
Arr Matey!!

Castaway Cay is the Disney-owned island in the Bahamas. This place is a kids paradise (and not so bad for parents either!). We spent the morning on the beach with GMa and Grandmom. Sydney went to Scuttle's Cove for lunch and the afternoon activities while Grandmom took Sophia back to the ship for a long afternoon nap.

At Scuttle's Cove, Sydney dug-up musical instruments that were buried in the sand, they had a sing-a-long with the found instruments and played water games with cousin Dutch and the other kids. When Bob and I went to pick her up around 3PM, she was sitting in the middle of Scuttle's playing in the sand and was not too anxious to leave. The daycare counselors were awesome! They told us that Sydney was a sweetheart... she makes us very proud because she is polite and well rounded!

The entire day was a magical Caribbean island experience from the moment the boat was docking until sunset when it set sail. There were kids-clubs & beaches for each age group, music and dancing, fun Caribbean bars, drink stations, waiters on the beach everywhere, ice cream any time you wanted it, a huge fruit stand, Cookie's BBQ that was delicious and bountiful and great activities like snorkeling, wave runners, bike riding, sailing, fishing, volleyball and much more. The Island is one of Bob's favorites.
We couldn't ask for better weather that day. The island is Disney perfect with lots to do. It's a magical experience that you have to try. Thank You Disney!

Fiddlers Green:

Arr, me hearty---

Me Matey's, Sydney & Sophia---

Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea --
Flying Dutchman--Me Hubby and his little Lass--

GMa's Lassie's

Jen having a Grog or two---
Bob, too many Grog's---

Not pictured-- cousin Andy... loaded to the gunwales - Yo ho ho :-)
The boat set sail from Castaway Cay as we prepared for a fun night of dinner, pirate dance and a party in the sky!
Short video of Grandmom in her stateroom reading/singing to Sophia as the rest of us rested up and got ready for dinner... our staterooms were right next to each other which was extremely nice and convenient!!!!

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