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Friday, December 26, 2008

Part 3 of 7: Party in the Sky

One of the big events that almost everyone on the cruise attends is the pirate party on Deck 9... it's a BLAST. It doesn't start until 10:30pm. My Mom, who turned in early this particular night, still enjoyed the fire works from the quiet of her private veranda.

Here's a very abbreviated video clip of the party and fireworks... It actually last for an hour. Then, after the boat quiets down around 11:30pm, they show a movie on the big screen mid-ship by the family pool... everyone is sprawled out on the lounge chairs watching a movie under the stars.

Watch Andy almost whip Sydney's head off at the end (I may have clipped that part out because Sydney started to look like a bobble-head)



The two other BIG EVENTS on the cruise were Sydney's 3rd birthday celebration at Triton's Restaurant (entranced pictured in photo on the left) and Sophia's 2nd birthday celebration at Animator's Palate on her actual birthday! Our waiters brought out a birthday cake and everyone sang happy birthday to the birthday girls!


Beck and Sophia watching Sydney enjoy her Mickey ice cream and B-day cake--

Animators Palate-- the restaurant transitions from black & white "sketch" to full color with animation. We ate dinner here two nights in a row - the food was great--

All the birthday attention made Sophia cry and reach for Mommy when they started to sing Happy Birthday---

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