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Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Dad

My Dad is 70 years old. He is retired from PECO, but still works full-time at Utilx... He is on the road from Sunday night through Friday afternoon. I'm not sure how he does it.
Sydney adores her Grandpop. She loves to sit on his lap and give him hugs around his neck. We try to visit Grandpop and Grandmom as often as possible on the weekend. These past couple months, he has helped quell Sydney's fear of animals. I've posted some pics below of her petting and feeding the animals.

Sydney and Grandpop visiting Megan in the barn.... she likes to buy and feed Megan & Maude dog bone treats

We went to feed the horses - David, Goliath and Rita- some Spiced Ginger Snap Cookies (btw, after eating these all my life, I just found out that these cookies are made in Skippack where my parents live... who knew?)

Sydney is sitting on David's back (the small horsey! HA HA)
I was trying to take these pics while holding Sophia. I couldn't put Miss Phia down on the ground.... she is so tiny, Goliath would have eaten her for lunch or crushed her with his hoof. By the time I had the camera ready, Sydney wanted off the horse immediately because he started to move.

David & Goliath are reaching for more cookies..... Sydney knows how to hold her hand VERY FLAT (although Goliath is so big that your entire hand ends up in his lower lip pocket....)

I love this pic of Sydney feeding a cookie to the Donkey... look at her face and sucked in stomach. She is trying to be so brave!.....

Sydney is big enough to go for a ride in the Gator with Grandpop.... while Grandmom is yelling "you better go slow!!!" (My Mom says that my Dad drives like a crazy man when he takes her out... and that she comes back with scratches all over her legs.)

My Dad looks like he is having a great time with his grandkids in these next two pics!

look how happy after her ride...

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Susie said...

There is nothing better than fun time with Grandpa's. You're Dad looks like he is having such a great time :-) I can't believe how big Sydney is getting. Sloooow down little one! And so gorgeous too (just like her Mamma!)

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