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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reading Terminal Market

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning (when there is nothing else planned) is a trip to the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. The intoxicating aromas and atmosphere and the diverse people (more about that later) make it a wonderful place to stroll. More importantly, it is something fun and at the same time relaxing that both Sophia and I can enjoy together.

We browsed the merchant stands for a couple hours, picked up a few items at “Amy's Place” including Sophia's “mouse” apron (see "Sticky Bun" pics below) and lugged a tub of raw honey out for Aunt Becky (I think she bathes in it). We ended with brunch which was a disaster because Sophia SPILLED OJ all over the table… luckily the OJ matched her outfit.

THEN this older man, who was eating at the Down Home Diner counter, started to to talk to me and Sophia... then proceeded to stalk Sophia. He followed us from the diner-juke box, to the bakery. I politely put up with him for approx 10+ minutes UNTIL he made a derogatory comment about SARAH PALIN (who I really really like and believe she will be a great VP). His comment came out of left field which was really weird. It had nothing to do with anything we were doing... I was speechless (go figure!). I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly, but didn't want to ask because it would only prolong the stalking. The guy "was not all there" either.... so I grabbed Sophia and politely went on our way to the licorice counter. ...

(I know what you're going to say Aunt Becky... because this is the second time that an old man in RTM took a fancy to Sophia... I'm not being naive.... ok it's a little strange, but I'm hoping he was just a nice man).

the nice piano man gave Sophia a lollipop...


(yes,we bought some cupcakes... how could I not... she just stood there and stared until I bought some)

we picked up a 1/4 lb each of two types of BLACK LICORICE for MY MOM... HER FAVORITE!! they had around 20+ types of licorice to choose from (entire top row of canisters in the pic below!!).

I'm learning how to use my video editing software (I have a long way to go)....

press the arrow to play the video
("stalker guy" on video asking Sophia which cupcake she wants... notice I'm not saying a word!)

1 comment:

Aunt Becky said...

I blame myself for this, I should have gotten out of bed and gone with you. Diverse, you should see the face I'm making....I'm sorry Sophia.

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