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Sunday, October 12, 2008


On Tuesday, September 23rd, Pop Pop and Nana came up from Florida for an unexpected visit. Nana's Mom passed away.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nana and her three sisters. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the girls were happy to see their Grandparents. They brought more beautiful shells from Sunny Florida... I think the shells came from one of the barrier islands that they frequent off the Charlotte Harbor (pic on left of Nana shelling).
It rained most of the week here in Philly. Sydney and Sophia kept busy inside playing with Pop Pop. Nana was busy with making final arrangements for her Mom's Saturday burial in Drexel Hill. Jan said the burial went well. She was in good spirits despite the circumstances... I think being around the grandchildren helped.

Pop Pop and Nana took us all out for Sunday Dinner at Maggiano's in King of Prussia. We saw Matt and Lee (Jan's sons pictured on left with Jan) which was nice because we rarely see them. We have been so LUCKY to see Nana & Pop Pop a few times in the past year even though they live in Florida. We will see them again the week before Christmas after the Disney Cruise and then we'll be back down there again in January for my 40th b-day (yeah that's right, I said it and I accept it... 40 is the new 30 :-)

Nana & Pop Pop @ Maggiano's

I love this pic of Bob and Sophia
Pop Pop reading to Sydney... we made him read a tongue twister Dr. Seuss too
Nana and Sydney
Nana trying to get Sophia to eat... which not always easy

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