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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Potty Training

Sydney Angelina Ballerina is progressing rapidly with her potty training... we give her a little prize when she goes - a strawberry "malt" whopper (Aunt Rachel and I picked these up at the Hershey store in NYC) or we give her a M&M.... x3 if it's #2! She's having fun with it. First thing in the morning, we see her running down the hallway from her bedroom to the bathroom, diaperless and holding up her nightgown. It's been over a week since she's had wet a diaper.... I can't believe that she makes it through the night... She's not comfortable with doing #2 in the toilet, however she did tonight.. YEAH!!! It was a three-M&M night. I think she's on the home stretch!

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