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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Grandmom, Horses?" and Millie Kurtz

Sydney is always asking "Grand Mom?, horses?". I tell her, we will go one day when it's nice out... then every weekend it seems to rain. We finally stopped by a couple weeks ago on a Saturday. Millie was there visiting Mom & Dad for the week. Sydney and Sophia had their typical routine of playing with Grand Mom's teeth flossing picks which she keeps in a miniature chest on her coffee table... then they colored at the Dora table.... then they watched the birds out the window after Grand Pop loaded up the patio table with bird seed.... then they played with Grand Mom's spoon collection under the buffet. Sydney sat on Grand Pop's lap for a little bit and then she played with the doll-house in the upstairs guest room. Millie took them for a stroller ride to see the horses (Sydney would get upset when Maude would run up to the stroller... so Grand Pop carried her down to see the horses). It was a nice relaxing day for me... Thanks to Millie & Mom.... I forgot to mention, Grand Mom also made them lunch... it was the cutest lunch with different PB&J "shapes" - stars, triangles and circles, a big marshmallow in the center, surrounded by some grapes. Who knew Mom had a knack for plating food :-)

Millie, Sydney, Sophia and Maude

Whenever Millie is over for a visit she either takes the girls for a walk or reads them stories.

Kisses from Grandmom

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