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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

David's Party

It was David's 17th birthday! We drove down to North East, Maryland for the day. It was a great party. It was nice to see Susanna, Marylin and her two children... and the Birthday Boy of course! Sydney and Sophia had the best day ever... they played with their cousins all day outside. Sydney even pet a rabbit! They both road on Uncle Danny's 4-wheeler (Sophia screamed... Sydney loved it. Danny even taught her how to start it). Cousin Isabel (Danny's daughter) carried Sophia around the entire day.... they were so cute together (she will make a good babysitter some day). When it was time to go Sydney did not want to leave.

The Birthday Boy!

Sydney & Riley played in the sand box for a good hour.

Sydney & Riley on Uncle David's lawn mower Uncle Danny & Isabel rock!
Birthday Gang!

Isabel & Sophia

Aunt Mary Beth & Sydney with Floppy Ear Bunny

Uncle David helped them feed the friendly ducks some bread... Sophia ate her bread.

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