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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Still Magical As Ever

View of the "Mickey Boat" and the Flying Dutchman from the Castaway Cay beach.

This was our third Disney Cruise as a family. My fourth because I went many years ago on a work-related vacation. Even after 3x, it's is magical as ever, especially when you have young children or grandchildren.

This year, we went with Bob's Dad and Step-Mom. We love the fact that Nana and Pop Pop live in Punta Gorda Florida because we can extend our vacation for a few more days after the cruise and celebrate Christmas a week early with them.  I love going to their house after the cruise because I'm not ready for our vacation to end, but in need of some real relaxation.  They have a beautiful home right on the water with pool, boat and the best part... They are the most amazing host/in-laws ever!

Sydney was more excited to see Nana and Pop Pop then the cruise (and she LOVES the cruise). I tried to take her picture when we were heading over to the Cape Canaveral Port. I asked her to smile for the camera, she told me not until she sees Nana and Pop Pop. I love the fact that our girls cannot get enough of their grandparents. Our Staterooms were connected by an interior door which made it extremely convenient, gave us double the space and the girls had maximum time with Pop Pop and Nana.

Last December, I went into detail on our Disney Cruise vacation [7 Separate Post!]. I'm keeping it short this year. I'm only doing one post with a few photos with captions. Okay, maybe more than a few photos in the form of collages !

Photos Above:
  1. Sophia (turning 3 in a couple days!) with an early Birthday present. A Leap Frog Tag Pen and Book. Perfect for on the airplane! 
  2. Our girls are gadget wizards!! They know how to use both the iPhone and Laptop with no problem!
  3. Sydney with Nana's Minnie Santa hat. We are seconds away from boarding the Mickey Boat
  4. The entire gang (minus Bob who's taking the pic) during the safety drill.
 Photos Above: A wonderful lunch just after boarding the ship. We had a few special guest stop by during our lunch. Their names were GOOFY and PLUTO! Last Photo: Daddy and Sophia at the Bon Voyage Deck Party!!

Photos Above: They saw dozens of characters each day and were never board with it!  I probably have hundred-plus shots of them with Disney Characters! Even Pop Pop was in on the action!!

Photos Above: Mickey Boat, Mickey Pools, Pirate Mickey and Island Mickey with his two favorite girls ;)!

 Photos Above: Princess Belle, Cinderella and Tiana. They LOVED seeing all the princesses!

Photos Above: Castaway Cay Rocks! They do it up for Christmas! Sydney still loves Stich... she has a soft spot for him!

Photos Above:
  1. Miss Sophia dropping into the water from over 10 feet high! What a way to celebrate her THIRD BIRTHDAY!!
  2. Syd and Sophia having fun with Nana in the water!
  3. Pop Pop sitting back while enjoying a few.
  4. Relaxing on the beach with my girls and an island drink in hand.

Photos Above:
  1. View of Castaway Cay and the Flying Dutchman from our stateroom veranda.
  2. Sophia EXHAUSTED at the end of a long (BIRTH)day.It started with Scuttle's Cove kids club on the island (lots of games and digging in the sand), then swimming with the family at the beach and then a long island bike ride with Pop Pop and Daddy. Her nap started on the bike ride. Bob said she was like a bobble-head on the back of PopPop's bike.
  3. Me out on our stateroom veranda after a day on the beach.
  4. Me with my two FAVORITE girls!

Photos Above: Our Beautiful Birthday Princesses and my wonderful In-Laws!

Photo Above: We celebrated Sydney's FOURTH Birthday (again) on the ship. Here she is with her cake. She looks so grown up in this photo :((.

Photo Above: The Gang! Every night after the Live Show and before dinner, we went to the Family Dance Party that was held in the Promenade Lounge. Sydney insisted that we go dancing each night.


Photos Above: Our last night and our first dinner without the girls [who were banished to the Oceaneere Club for the evening]. We enjoyed an adult-only dinner in Palo and celebrated Pop Pop's birthday. It was a beautiful night with amazing food and great company!!

During the year, I find myself thinking about going somewhere new in December. Then we end up back on the cruise because it's addicting! It is an magical vacation for the girls (especially at this age) and for us. Watching their faces and excitement each day on the cruise makes me want to do it again next year!

Thank You Nana and Pop Pop for making our vacation extra special!

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Janie's World said...

Amazing vacation, lifetime memories!

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