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Monday, October 19, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

Sydney and Sophia cannot resist a yummy dessert when we are dining-out. Sydney is known to clean her plate no matter how big the dessert!  They both love baking at home..... especially when it's cake, cupcakes or cookies with ICING and SPRINKLES!

Sydney celebrating her 3rd Birthday on the Disney Cruise:

Sydney (3 years) @ Marly's BYO Phoenixville PA... sampling each dessert with Aunt Becky & Mommy:

Sydney (3 yrs) and Sophia (2 yrs) @ Basta Pasta in Skippack PA: ICE CREAM!!

Sydney and Sophia @ Bucca's: Cheesecake!!!

Sydney and Sophia @ Inn at St. Peters, St Peters Village PA: ICE CREAM with fresh berries for Sophia....

Apple Tart with Ice Cream & whip cream for Sydney....
and yes, she ate the whole thing...

Baking Apple pie's or tarts (???) with no recipe ;) @ HOME in the kitchen:

Finished product.... a Cinnamon Apple thing with ice cream....
You are (both) the apple of my eye!! I love you... and love that you enjoy food as much as Mama!!


Cathy said...



Greet said...

I love to visit your blog a lot! I so enjoy looking at the pictures of your lovely, beautiful girls!
And reading the comments you give on the pictures!
I think some day you will win a price for the best photo!

Kristine said...

They are so adorable and those desserts look yummy!!

I would love to hear about the Disney Cruise...we are thinking about doing that sometime...

Michelle said...

your girls are adorable!!

Towe said...

Wow, all these desserts makes me hungry. Fantastic expressions of the kiddies in the pictures! Love it! towe.

Sandy Toes said...

What beautiful girls!!! Oh..how fun to go on the Disney Cruise!!!

Thanks for stopping by...now I found you too!

sandy toe

Priscila said...

oh my gosh they are so cute!!!! looks like they are in heaven!!!!

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