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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Part 7 of 7: It is truly magical (Dec. 14 - 18)

The previous post was my sixth (?) and final post on the Disney Cruise. I know, it's more than enough (until next year). I was never a big fan of Disney until we did the cruise. I have little to no desire to do the parks... to me they are exhausting, lots of crowds/lines and a lot of work. On the cruise you still experience the Magic of Disney, but in a more intimate and relaxing way. For those of you who may have lost the spark, I highly recommend this cruise. Take full advantage of the kid clubs and planned activities that they have for your little ones so you can enjoy some R&R. This was my third Disney Cruise and I am already planning the next one!

Next couple post after this one, when I have some more time to blog, will be our visit with Nana & Pop Pop in Punta Gorda....

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