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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bentley Family Picnic Weekend

Velia came up from Maryland on Friday & Saturday. She babysat Sydney & Sophia so we could go to the movies on Friday night. We saw Mama Mia... believe it or not, Bob liked it too (don't tell anyone, he'll kill me - His favorite scene was all the women running through the town dancing and singing). On Saturday, it was overcast so they postponed the Bentley picnic a day. What’s a girl to do on a rainy day… SHOP of course… we went to KofP mall to do some shopping for Velia. She picked out some great jeans & tops for college.

The girls had a great time on Sunday at the Bentley Family Picnic. Sydney said that her favorite activity was the moon bounce (big surprise there). We went on the tractor/wagon ride twice. It was a long bumpy ride through the river, woods & fields. I was not looking forward to the second round, but how do you say "No" to a cute little face saying "again, again". The ice cream truck was there for hours - all you can eat... spiderman was dripping all over them... it was a disaster! On the way home, Sydney told me she wanted to go to another picnic…

Cousin Velia reading lots of stories so I could get ready to go shopping
Sophia on moon bounce slide

duck pond & bubbles

love this bib!

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