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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Union Street Blues @ Chesapeake Inn in Chesapeake City MD

Buddy's band, Union Street Blues http://www.unionstreetblues.com/, played on the waterfront at the Chesapeake Inn on Wednesday night. We had the best time.... We met Aunt Linda, John, Tony & Velia for dinner. Sandy was there with some friends Dan & Garie as well as Darius from Bechtel and his wife (wish I had a pic of them to share, but I don't). What a beautiful day... the weather was perfect.. it was a great casual atmosphere for the girls who were able to get up & run around a little. Aunt Linda brought them lots of presents to entertain them throughout the night. Sophia loved the band... she was crying because we wouldn't let her get on stage to play the drums. John stepped in to play bass guitar with the band (that was cool!). We left after dark... they zonked-out on the drive home.


Cousin Velia

Cousin Tony

Aunt Linda

Sophia is digging the music and the fun time with her cousins

John getting into it... playing the bass guitar

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