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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barnum & Bailey Circus

Last Thursday we went with Grandmom and Noah to the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey "Over the Top" Circus at the Philly Spectrum. It was my first time to the Circus. Bob remembers going when he was a kid. What an amazing show... I was so captivated and amazed by it all. We had front row seats, smack-center facing the show... not sure how this happened... It was perfect because the kids had a "bulkhead" to walk back & forth on during the show without bothering anyone around us. The Ringmaster tickled Sydney's belly at one point. There were lots of horses and elephants. I think Grandmom liked the horses (so did I!). Sydney liked the elephants. Noah liked the video feed that was directly above our heads. Bob and I thought the 7 motorcycles riding together in a sphere was insane. The clowns were entertaining for all.... Sydney, Sophia and Noah had no fear of the clowns... The pics we took aren't that great because it was dark and the flash on my camera is horrible... then the battery died. If the Circus ever comes back to Philly, I'm sure we'll go again. Rachel, my sister, took her kids on Saturday afternoon. I've yet to ask her how she liked it.

Sophia checking out the elephants

the gang

OUCH!!!! That hurts

Hanging with Cousin Noah

Mom's hair looks great in this pic!

Family picture in front of the Philly Spectrum

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